Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Enjoy Being a Pretty Girl

On of the advantages of j-archive is that you can see patterns emerge which would not be so visible by simply watching the show in it's chronological format. Take this game, for instance. This is the first game from the week I was on the show, taped June 10, 2002, aired September 2, 2002. I saw this one from the audience. I hadn't noticed until right now as I entered the game into the archive that all the clues in the "Songs From Musicals" category were songs beginning with the word "I". Fascinating, no?

Also of note: At the TRASH Regionals tournament this fall, my team got a bonus on songs from musicals. One of the clues was "I Enjoy Being A Girl". I at first thought "Flower Drum Song", a musical I've never seen. I knew I hadn't seen the musical, but I also knew that there was a song from it that was pretty famous, and that It had appeared on this episode. But I second guessed myself into "West Side Story", confusing it with "I Feel Pretty".

I've also never seen "West Side Story", for some reason. And I like musicals.

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