Thursday, January 09, 2014

Come On Down!

Today's featured article is from issue 14 of Games magazine, dated November/December 1979. It's one of those "how much did it cost" nostalgia pricing games, which usually wouldn't be of any interest to me at all. But not only does this one feature Bob Barker and The Price is Right, it features the byline "Credit permission by Bob Barker and Price Productions, Inc." which to mind mind makes it at least somewhat "official."

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Jot down what you think your answers might be. I'm going to set this up so that Blogger should automatically post the answers and the other players' scores this afternoon some time. We'll see if that work.

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Brandon FG said...

Shoes: $5
Piano: $200
Milk Of Magnesia: 35cents
Vacuum: $10
Taxi: 25cents/mile
Chocolate: 50cents
NY-LA train: $25
Soup: 10cents
Car: $600
TP: 40cents
Calculator: $5
New Yorker: 20cents
Cigs: $1
Watch: $10
Vitalis: 59cents